The greedy Shaikh and a witty parrot

Once upon a time in Arab, a wealthy but greedy shaikh came to know about a porrot who was very  intelligent. To earn more money shaikh planned to put the parrot in a cage, as the parrot was expert giving the advices on business related things. So he went to jungle in search of the parrot. After searching whole day. In the evening, he found the parrot who was perching on a tree.

He caught the parrot and kept in a cage. Shaikh was very happy.
As the parrot was very intelligent!!!

Parrot:- “Shaikh why did you keep me in a cage?”

Shaikh:- “I have caught you because you are very intelligent bird and by taking your advices I will invest money in a right way and can earn more money”.

Parrot:- “Shaikh I am too old to give advices now, as my health is not good may be I die soon or can live one or two more years.
But if you release me then I will share you the three secrests of life by which you become more wealthy and happy and can earn more money till you live”.

Now the shaikh was confused, At the end he set the bird free. The parrot flew from the cage and perched on a tree.

Parrot:-“Shaikh as you set me free I will give you that three secrets of life by which you become more wealthy and happy”.

Three Secrests of life

1. “Don’t trust blindly and don’t depend too much on anyone in this world.
Because even your shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.
2. Whatever thing is there in your hand don’t leave it for any cause.
3. Be happy what you have with you and don’t be sad about the thing which        you don’t have”.

Why do people get frustrated? And what is the remedy?

             Often we have seen around us people get frustrated on minor things, some people get frustrated because they did not get good marks in exams, some are get frustrated the way they are working, some are get frustrated because they feel they are not earning much, some are get frustrated because they are working same thing daily in the office etc, so we can imagine there are countless reasons for frustations.

What is the remedy that we always feel happy without any frustations?

The remedy which I believe personally and experiencing is:-

  1. Strong believe in Allah Almighty if we see closely  around us we will come to notice that every thing is changing from day to night from birth to death, and from that experience we can conclude that not a single bit on this earth or universe is consistent except Allah Almighty.
  2. To avoid frustation always think about Allah Almighty, think how he made trees, mountains, river, planets, animals and the most important thing that he made was humans.
  3. Always say thank to Allah Almighty the life which he has blessed us is very precious the eyes, the ears, the nose etc, each part of human is precious.
  4. Always be thankfull to Allah Almighty for the thing which you have and keep patience for the thing which you do not have.

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                                                   Thanks                                  By Shakeel J. Khan