Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

How Varied Teaching Experience does HSC and SSC Faculty has?

Teachers at HSC and SCC Educators bring along a wide range of teaching experience: It varies from 2 years to 15 years. Our young teachers bring in a very high level of interaction with students, build rapport & solve doubts intricately. Our experienced teachers bring in rich teaching knowledge during their lectures, thus, helping students built stronger concepts and get an exposure of all kinds of questions that can probably be asked in the exams.

What are the selection criteria of faculty at HSC and SSC?

The faculty is selected through an exhaustive selection process that comprises of:

  • Written Test
  • Demo Lecture
  • Personal Interview with MD

Do you conduct PTMS (Parent-Teacher-Meetings)?

Yes, PTMs are an integral part of our education delivery and feedback system. We frequently invite parents to meet with their ward’s respective teachers to understand their performance closely. This is also an opportunity for HSC and  SSC to get in touch with the parents and motivate them to help SSC and its students achieve the common goal. This is also one of the advantages, wherein parents can meet the teachers and teachers hold themselves responsible for mentoring weak students and sharpening bright students.

What Teaching methodology is used by your Teachers?

Our teachers conduct Daily Revision of previous lectures; Concept clearing sessions in each subject are also conducted which equip students with all possible tips, tricks and short-cut-methods to crack the competitive examinations. Student to Teacher ratio at HSC and SSC is around 20:1.

Do you give study material and test papers?

The study material provided by HSC and SCC is original and is prepared by teachers. The material prepared is strictly as per the syllabus guidelines of various entrance exams. The study material is exhaustive enough to give the required competitive edge to the students. Study material builds the concepts of the students. Concepts are then put to test by our original and conceptual test papers. Test papers designed at HSC and SSC are not only as per the latest pattern of the Exams but are also intended to keep students on toes.

What language is used in classroom?

The medium of instruction is English along with the use of Hindi and Urdu at times to make a concept clear in a student’s mind. However, the study packages are available in English only.

Do you have a library facility?

Yes, we have a library facility 12/7.

Why do we choose Ayesha Coaching Classes?

Ayesha Coaching Classes is famous not only for the system of education delivery for the students but also for the original and relevant study materials and methodical approach of teaching. Since 2013, we have perfected the system of coaching because we know what is best for students.

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